Still waiting

The phrase, “Learning to wait” is from a YouTube video I was watching while waiting. The writing at bottom reflects my thoughts as I waited. Inspired by the realization that for me —and especially for young people — the traditional boundary between phone, television, computer, and Internet have blurred. The resulting technological Hydra (our “Smart”Continue reading “Still waiting”

Geological time

Ferns are some of the oldest living plants on earth. The background for this piece — gesso covered with powdered pigments — turned out really nicely. The color of the background inspired my choice of ferns as subject matter. The ferns led me to the dinosaur stencils which inspired the Martian figure which represents theContinue reading “Geological time”

A walk through the garden

This piece represents a personal triumph of sorts — going to the garden and sketching. This wouldn’t seem to be a hard task and yet it took me many weeks to actually do it. The result is pictured above. In my opinion, I need to slow down and spend more time observing, relying less onContinue reading “A walk through the garden”

Drone strike

The undulating blue and white stripes suggest an aerial view of a river. Nature’s beauty has been despoiled through arrogance, violence, and profit which are represented by the cross hairs and explosions. The anonymous drone strike reminds us that death and destruction can reign down at any time, right out of a “clear, blue sky”Continue reading “Drone strike”