Geological time

Gesso, powdered pigment, colored pencil, pencil

Ferns are some of the oldest living plants on earth. The background for this piece — gesso covered with powdered pigments — turned out really nicely. The color of the background inspired my choice of ferns as subject matter. The ferns led me to the dinosaur stencils which inspired the Martian figure which represents the alienation of man from nature as well as the profound difference between the species depicted and perhaps also the possibility (inevitability?) of human/alien contact.

Published by sjanick

I have been with my partner Russell for 33 years and together we own a needlepoint business. I am a passionate about gardening, reading, and our two Standard Poodles -- Winnie and Tigger. Please note -- This is a personal blog and what I say here has nothing to do with my business and does not reflect the position of the store or the opinion of the business. The opinions/views expressed here are exclusively my own.

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