Art journal natural selection

Gel pen, pencil, marker

Natural Selection reflects my current interest in the science of botany. In it, I aimed to convey my sense of wonder regarding the natural universe as well as my appreciation for the incredible complexity of life even on a cellular level. The statement, “I am a biological dead end,” reflects my position as a gay man in a world organized primarily upon the struggle to reproduce. Being homosexual, self-replication has never been a conscious priority for me; this has led to a profound, personal, and lasting sense of alienation from the majority of society and the aims/goals it prioritizes.

Published by sjanick

I have been with my partner Russell for 33 years and together we own a needlepoint business. I am a passionate about gardening, reading, and our two Standard Poodles -- Winnie and Tigger. Please note -- This is a personal blog and what I say here has nothing to do with my business and does not reflect the position of the store or the opinion of the business. The opinions/views expressed here are exclusively my own.

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